Goldwing Tour Press Release


25/10/2017 – Honda is pleased to announce the new Goldwing series, due to arrive in February 2018 and available in 3 variants for Australia – The Goldwing, the Goldwing Tour and the Goldwing Tour Premium.

Development for the new series centred around reducing weight, making the body and engine components as compact as possible and ultimately re-igniting a passion for premium touring where rider and passenger comfort are paramount.

Welcome to the next generation of Goldwing; a more fulfilling, superb riding experience delivered through a completely redesigned sophisticated package perfect for everyday riding and long-distance touring.

The 2018 Goldwing Series offers an enhanced dynamic performance thanks to Honda’s original new double wishbone suspension system, a new light weight swing-arm and a smooth and powerful all new F6 engine with throttle-by-wire (TBW), Riding Modes and an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator system)

The newly designed unique liquid-cooled, longitudinal, 4-stroke, horizontally opposed 6-cylinder (F6) 1800cc engine utilises Unicam technology with a compact 4-valve cylinder head resulting in a lightweight package. For the first time in the Goldwing, a throttle-bywire (TBW) system has been adopted.

The Goldwing and the Goldwing Tour Premium offer a third generation 7-speed DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) system with Walking Mode (forward and reverse) and switchable idling stop to enhance ease of use and manoeuvrability.

The pursuit for higher combustion efficiency and the adoption of the idling stop system among other measures, have also achieved an increase in fuel efficiency.

The Goldwing Tour has a 6-speed manual transmission and slipper clutch. Engine speed when cruising at around 100 km/h has been lowered to considerably improve engine noise and a cam damper installed between the clutch and the transmission; with the role of separating each of their inertial masses, has reduced shock shift.

The slipper mechanism has substantially reduced the shift shock when downshifting as well thus enhancing the durability of the transmission and greatly contributing to the high-quality shift feel.

The Goldwing Tour Premium exclusively offers an airbag and arm rests as well as unique coach work true to what one would expect from the top of the line tourer. Both Goldwing Tour models have traction control and electric adjustable suspension systems as well as Electric preload system.

All 3 variants utilise Smart Systems to further enhance the touring experience like Emergency Stop Signal System (ESS) and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitor System) The Goldwing Tour Premium displays a numerical value whereas the Goldwing and Goldwing Tour display when pressure is low.

Apple Car-play is now available in all 3 variants, an exciting new feature for the Goldwing, enabling access to a wide-range of information and further enhancing overall experience.

Other features include ABS, an electric windscreen, LED head lights and tail lights, Smart Key, heated grips and for the Goldwing Tour and Goldwing Tour Premium heated seats.

The 2018 Goldwing series is the next generation of deluxe touring–head over to for more detailed information on these extensive new features.

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